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(2 Chronicles 26:11 CEV)
“Uzziah’s army was always ready for battle. Jeiel and Maaseiah were the officers who kept track of the number of soldiers, and these two men were under the command of Hananiah, one of Uzziah’s officials.”


The focus of today’s word is on readiness—being prepared, alert, and watchful in every aspect of life, especially in spiritual matters. The passage draws from King Uzziah’s reign, highlighting how his army was always equipped and ready for battle regardless of the season. This readiness extended beyond the battlefield, as certain individuals were tasked with tracking and monitoring the soldiers’ readiness at all times.

The analogy extends to the Christian journey, emphasizing the need for constant readiness in spiritual warfare. The passage stresses that being a soldier in God’s kingdom requires continuous preparedness, not just during designated spiritual activities but in all seasons of life. There’s an emphasis on being accountable to spiritual leaders who ensure preparedness, reminding believers of their roles and responsibilities even in times of peace.

The narrative underscores the importance of spiritual preparedness, likening it to the parable of the ten virgins, where five were ready for the bridegroom while the others were not. Let’s ask God for the grace to remain alert, engaged, and persistent in prayer, recognizing the guidance and accountability provided by spiritual leaders in this journey of readiness for spiritual battles.

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