Made It Holy

by | Sabbath

(Genesis 2:3 WMB)
”God blessed the seventh day, and made it holy, because he rested in it from all his work of creation which he had done.”


Genesis 2:3 is a beautiful description of the seventh day or the day God says it’s holy. The reason why God separated this day and elevated over the other days is because He had already completed all the work of His creation and in this particular day God rejoiced and took pleasure in what He had accomplished and created. And when God had to give a name to this particular day of rest God said it is holy.

There are certain areas in our lives, that we have not yet yielded to God, causing delays. But, may this season be a time where God can admire, adore, and enjoy the beauty that He has created and accomplished through our lives, our marriage, relationships everything about us, will be a demonstration of what it means to be holy and righteous in a season of rest and completion. May every area of our lives enter into this holy state where God looks and says that He has done a good job. This person has turned out well. Everything that didn’t look beautiful at the start has worked together for good because of His hand, word, and spirit. When we look at the work of creation from day 1 to day 6 it might look like God had to do a lot of work to create everything that exists now and yet it was not a lot of work for God. It was just spoken words and everything came into existence.

It is not hard for God to do things in our lives and yet God is looking for a place to rest, where He can stop working and enjoy the work of His hands. The greatness that He has manifested. God takes delight in the beauty that He is creating within us. 

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