After a long month of vacation from the blog, I am back to my regular writing schedule. I would like to start off this season by sharing something very personal and close to my heart and my life. It is about the journey to one of my dream destination, my marriage. I am sharing this for public accountability, and also as a testimony to encourage singles who have been waiting on the Lord to know their life partners.

The Bible says, “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor with the Lord” (Prov 18:22) I would like to explain how I found my bundle of favor with the Lord! It began with me coming to the realization and revelation of why God said it is not good for man to be alone. It put me on my quest for God to show me who my wife is going to be. But I was never really bothered about who it is going to be and how it is going to happen.


Her Name is Rashmi…

She was born and brought up in Delhi and had been part of an evangelical church there during her growing years. She has two brothers, one elder and one younger. Her Dad is an architect and a God fearing man and her mom is a house wife. She is one of those rarely social, yet very friendly persons who grew up with this unusual desire to be wife to a man of God! (Blessed me, God’s ways are so totally cool) She is an introvert by nature yet will give her life for her convictions, for things she believes to be true.



Our First Meet…

Though the first time we met there was nothing spectacular, it sure was an unforgettable experience. I was in Delhi attending an all India counselors conference, and was staying at a relative’s house during its course. Rashmi used to take tuition for my niece. One evening when I was there she walked up to me and asked how I found Delhi and if I enjoyed the republic day parade that I had attended that day. That conversation made us friends and later she wrote to me mentioning how she was intrigued to see a pastor in shorts, working on a laptop and sporting a goatee! She had never seen a pastor like that before! (Whoever thinks pastors are boring old men with a potbelly, please take a lesson here.)


Our Friendship Strengthened…

We started off with exchanging emails, furthering up to exchanging phone numbers and to frequent texting and calling. Our friendship started with me helping and counseling her with some of her life issues. Our friendship grew and strengthened over time. We kept sharing our heart and knowing each other better for the next year and four months. During this course of time, Rashmi was born again and I later had the privilege of baptizing her at a small and private meeting in Bangalore, fulfilling an earlier prophecy that the person I marry will be like Ruth who was fed from the harvest in Boaz’s field.


The Love Blossoms…

It was on April 4th, 2011 that we had our first date at a café in Bangalore. Though we liked each other, we had been waiting on God for His will and purpose to be revealed in our lives. After we heard from God about each other, even though there were still many questions unanswered, we went ahead with faith and committed our lives to each other for marriage. Though we have met only a few times since that day, we have grown together as a couple in knowing the heart of God for our lives, understanding each other better and working together to edify others who come our way. Immediately after that, we shared it with our spiritual mentors and our physical parents and sought their blessings and advice over the same.


The Wedding Bells…

The thing that stops us from getting married right now is the fact that Rashmi is a student of a post graduate course in a college in the city of Cochin. She will finish her studies in March this year post which we will tie the knot in holy matrimony at a private ceremony in Bangalore on April 4th, and be man and wife for the rest of our lives, according to God’s ordinance. We solicit your prayers, wishes and blessings for the same.

Do you have a word of advice or encouragement for Priji & Rashmi? Please feel free to leave a comment in the section below! You can also find & follow Rashmi on twitter @RashmiJon or email her at [email protected] (Rashmi John also serves as an admin and editor for this blog for over an year now, Read an earlier post by Rashmi on this blog: Towards a NOYAPHOBIC World)


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